Understanding How An E Cigarette May Benefit You

The e cigarette has been around for a long time and continues to evolve into something that is potentially better for you and those around you. Yes, the e cigarette has been around since 1963 and was originally designed to become a cost effective and healthier substitute for the actual cigarette. It of course is a delivery system for nicotine; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to have nicotine in it.

Today’s version of the original 1963 e cigarette has developed into a more refined product and along with that comes with some controversy. Although there are some studies out there, like the World Health Organization, that have not definitively determined whether the e cig is better, worse, or no different than actually smoking there is no question that it has its benefits. One of those benefits is that some of those studies have determined it may be an aid to someone quitting the habit of smoking altogether.

In another statement by the American Association of Public Health Physicians they support the idea that if someone has made a personal choice to continue smoking the e cigarette could be an excellent alternative. Although it is hard to tell if they are in full support of this type of product it certainly is a good sign.

For the person that enjoys smoking and has no intention of giving it up it can be a great substitute which is much healthier and cost effective for them. They also come in many styles and flavors that can make it very enjoyable for a person. They can be purchased in a style that looks almost identical to an actual cigarette which can help make a person feel more at home with it. The cost of transitioning from an actual tobacco cigarette to an e cigarette is astounding. It is almost a five to one difference in cost which could save you hundreds, and possibly thousands of dollars per year.