UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Cigarettes

UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Cigarettes

Our electronic cigarette UK Company

We supply electronic cigarettes to clients in the UK. The e-cigs are reusable because some of the starter pack’s components can be used more than once. The pack comprises of cartridge(s), battery, cartridge holder and e cig liquid. The e-liquid may or may not contain nicotine, but, either way, vaporizes to produce fumes for smoking.

The starter pack

Our cigarette comes in a complete pack which smokers must fit in the different parts before they start smoking. It is, however, a very simple process and only takes some minutes before the smoker can start using their new e cigarette. The rechargeable battery provides the power that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. The cartridges, inserted into the e cigarette holder, hold the electronic cigarette liquid. Cartridges can be refilled or replaced once the liquid inside gets finished.

Healthier smoking

Smokers of our e cigarettes inhale only vaporized e liquid and the nicotine component acts as the stimulant. Nicotine fumes do not contain carbon and are thus less irritating and destructive to the lungs, nose, throat and mouth of the user. The threat of second hand smoking is limited in our e-cigs because smokers exhale nicotine/ e-liquid vapor without carbon. E cigarettes are cleaner than their tobacco counterparts because, without combustion, there is no ash.

Pocket friendly prices

We sell our e cigs in a kit which has all the required ingredients for immediate smoking. We also supply cartridges and bulk liquid nicotine to people who already have other components of the starter kit. The fact that our e-cig smokers can buy cartridges alone, or refill at their own convenience saves them a lot of money. We, also, make sure our kit comes with a rechargeable battery instead of one-time exhaustible one, which would force smokers to buy a new battery every time it runs flat.


Thanks to our mint, chocolate and other flavors of our electronic liquid and nicotine, our clients can always have a pleasant fragrance about them; even when they are smoking. This is, of course, contrary to tobacco smokers whose smell identifies them from a distance, and their teeth and nails betray their tobacco use. We make sure all cartridges are labeled according to their nicotine content and size so that our users can identify them easily.


Our e-cigs are a symbol of sophistication and people can enjoy their recreation smoking while maintaining a clean and pleasant smelling environment around them. We supply full starter packs as well as cartridges, liquid nicotine and batteries on their own. Little technological know how is require to operate our electronic cigarettes and anyone can easily smoke. Nicotine does not fall under drugs hence its use has limited restriction compared to that of tobacco.

Using e Cigarettes to Your Advantage

Using e Cigarettes to Your Advantage

An electronic cigarette is a modern device that is built to emulate the process of smoking. It uses a combination of nicotine, water, and flavoring to create a liquid that is used to saturate a wick. A heating element inside the wick is ignited in one of two ways. With an automatic e cig, inhaling triggers a pressure switch that lights the heating element. If you are using a manual battery e cigarette, then you’ll need to press a button to light the heating element. When the heating element receives power, it begins to burn the wick, which turns the saturated liquid into a vapor.

The vapor from electronic cigarettes is much safer than a traditional cigarette. There is no tobacco and all of the ingredients can be read clearly on the label. As a matter of fact, many vapor shops sell the individual ingredients, which gives you an opportunity to create your own unique vapor flavor.

You’ll find no harmful second hand smoke produced when smoking an electronic cigarette. Not only are you taking better action for your own health, but you’re also looking out for the people around you when you switch to e cigs UK. Second hand smoke from tobacco is even deadlier than the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

Whether your electronic cigarette contains nicotine is up to you. When you buy the liquid to refill your cartomizer, you can choose from different nicotine levels. Most businesses sell 12mg and 24mg nicotine liquids, but you can buy liquid with more nicotine online. If you prefer vaporizing without any nicotine, then that is also possible. You can use this option to slowly ween yourself off of your nicotine dependency. Over time, reduce the nicotine in your e cigarettes until eventually you smoke them without nicotine at all. Then you can quit for good.